Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping Korean Style

So... things have been so crazy here - but today Dylan and I managed to get out and finally do some local Christmas shopping Korean style!

1st we started with a bite to eat - to give us our strength!!! Then its off to shop -

Here is the 1st Jersey shop off base - they do pretty good - and have the best selection of pink and gray jerseys! It's taken the Koreans a while to figure our girls in America like football too!!!
They still have not figured out that all Cowboys fans do NOT like Romo - any other player is a special order!!! Sorry Jason!

Here is a typical alley right off the base -

I don't know how popular these are in the states - they are all the rage over here - Its a hat and the mittens are the hands on the end - Very cute

Hat's gloves and scarfs galore!

Blanket anyone? They have all kinds - even an Obama one!! Thats one way to get into bed with him!

The store I love to get my Korean knick knacks at -

I would actually like some Korean Ceramics - but then I saw the prices - WOW!!! Don't like it that much!!! I will save my money for the polish pottery!!

Koachy anyone?

Now we are headed home with all our presents - It was a fun day - better than a date at the mall!