Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping Korean Style

So... things have been so crazy here - but today Dylan and I managed to get out and finally do some local Christmas shopping Korean style!

1st we started with a bite to eat - to give us our strength!!! Then its off to shop -

Here is the 1st Jersey shop off base - they do pretty good - and have the best selection of pink and gray jerseys! It's taken the Koreans a while to figure our girls in America like football too!!!
They still have not figured out that all Cowboys fans do NOT like Romo - any other player is a special order!!! Sorry Jason!

Here is a typical alley right off the base -

I don't know how popular these are in the states - they are all the rage over here - Its a hat and the mittens are the hands on the end - Very cute

Hat's gloves and scarfs galore!

Blanket anyone? They have all kinds - even an Obama one!! Thats one way to get into bed with him!

The store I love to get my Korean knick knacks at -

I would actually like some Korean Ceramics - but then I saw the prices - WOW!!! Don't like it that much!!! I will save my money for the polish pottery!!

Koachy anyone?

Now we are headed home with all our presents - It was a fun day - better than a date at the mall!


Adrienne said...

Looks like you got some great loot! I am down here at Humphreys and our ville is much less extensive! Though, we do have a jersey shop or two!

SO FREAKING COOL that you guys are going to Italy next. Hubbs and I are trying for Germany! :) *fingers crossed*

I see that you have a few visitors from Oregon, are you guys from Oregon? We are! Haha, anyway, I found you on your blog frog community (which is pretty dead!). But anyhoot, nice to see someone else stationed in Korea too!

Hockey Wife said...

Where in Italy are you moving to? We lived in Northern Italy for six months.

Misha said...

I am a new follower, we are also overseas, but in Germany! I love the different cultures!

Brittney said...

I have some friends at Osan, the LeBlanc's, do you know them? They have small kiddos :) WHen are you moving to Italy? We've been here almost a year, we love it!

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