Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving away from home

Normally after Thanksgiving, we have so much turkey leftover, I am OD on turkey for a whole year! This year I can pretty much guarantee that there will be no leftovers - because we are headed to the Officers Club for Thanksgiving dinner!
Traditionally, Koreans tend to cook EVERYTHING on the stove top. Ovens are more of a novelty. I have heard stories, that up till a few years ago, you could even find apartments
available that had no stoves. The Koreans that rented to Americans, understood that we like to use stoves, started supplying them, sort of. My stove has got to be the size of a large microwave! The dimensions are something like 12" x 8" and about 12" deep.
I can not even put a full size cookie sheet in! I so have to say that all the apartments we look at were the same, at all prices. We laughed at it when we moved in, and have been creative in using it. Then we started to think about Thanksgiving.
I love entertaining people and having them over, but the reality is we live in 900sq feet. and I didn't get a household good shipment, so I have no good cooking supplies. There is just no way to cook a huge dinner for even the 4 of us, let alone friends!

We had to adjust our plans of having a huge dinner with friends. Sort of.
Options had to be found, and thankfully we have them. We are having late lunch at the Officers Club. They are having a HUGE spread, with Turkey, Ham, Prime Rib, Salmon and so much more. This is not ideal, but thankfully it is there for us!

Thanksgiving is not just about the Turkey. It is about spending time with Family. Overseas, your friends are your family. They are your support network, your shoulder to cry on, you family away from home, so you tend to spend holidays with friends, especially Thanksgiving. This year there are many blessings, to include a reservation for 12 for dinner and growing!

This year, there will be no turkey mac&cheese, no leftover turkey sandwiches and no pie for breakfast, but there will be celebrations of all we are thankful for, and friends. In lew of family, the best Thanksgiving I could possibly hope for! The secret to a wonderful Thanksgiving, make the best of what you have, with Joy in your heart, not to dwell on what is missing! And be especially thankful of all you have and the people in your life that are there to spend it with you.

Many pictures to come!


Julie W said...

Nonnie, I found you thru BlogFrog, but so funny - I was active duty for nine years and stationed at Aviano for three of those years with my husband and daughter before we ended up in DC/Pentagon. I was editor of the newspaper there all those years, and did a weekly morning show segment for AFN. My husband managed the thrift store (which you will get to know VERY well over there - it's the Walmart of Aviano!) and if you ever have ANY questions, just let me know! Military families rock! :o) Enjoy Korea, small ovens and all!

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