Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Season of Giving

Today I am taking my camera out and catching some more life here in Korea for the blog, so until then I am vering off for a min.I know that it is not even Thanksgiving, but living overseas, we have to have all gifts shipped by Dec 10th so Christmas shopping starts early for us. I was just sitting here contemplating what to get my Aunt/2nd mom for christmas. Here is the problem, she buys herself everything she wants! I know you probable have a family member like this. I could her something from Korea,
but she has been here a million times and was stationed in Hawaii and the Philippines (Navy) and she "just does not want any more Korean crap" - That was a direct quote!

So what to get her? We have decided on 3 things that are perfect gifts for the hard to please stateside family members

1.) A Digital Photo Frame -

Not only are these a black friday special at the BX - we are going to load it up and have it ready to run otherwise it will just sit in the box till we come home. She will love this!

2) Scrapbook Calender ~

There are a million places to get these - Right now Arts Cow is having a special.

Coupon Code: 2011CLDRS

Expiry Date: 11/12/2010

I put in pictures of all the grandkids and kiCds - I generally put the picture of the grandkid on their birthday month. My whole family LOVES these cheesy gifts and asks for them EVERY year!

3) Donations -

Finally I make a small donation in their name to one of the 3 military charities. Most of my family are military and Love it - The year I made a donation to the WWII museum for my Grandfather he teared up. So much better than a shirt. And lord knows these organizations can use the money in this recession -

Here are the 3 Charities that are nearest and dearest to my heart! And I have personally given to them in the past and have excellent ratings with charity watchdog groups -

#1 and my all time favorite -

Fisher House

When my mother passed all in leu of donations went to them - How can you not love this orginization?

Wounded Warrior Project


Operation Home Front

All of these charities have great ratings from both

Charity Watch

Charity Navigator

These are some of my ideas -
What are some of yours?


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