Sunday, November 21, 2010

Creative Necessity

So, in my haste to get overseas on 2 weeks notice, and packing my 2 suitcases each, I forgot one key thing, Christmas. I have NOTHING here for Christmas!! No stockings, no lights, no tree, no ornaments! Nothing here. At home in a 20x30 storage unit I have about 20 huge rubber-maids full of Christmas decorations. So I have a dilemma, what do I do about Christmas?The suggestions have been made by people in the states that I can just go to the dollar store and hit some cheap decorations. Ya, that not a reality here! Sure they have the 1,000 won store and a dollar store that is great called Dasio (really a whole post should be dedicated to its awesomeness!) but this is a country that only a small percentage celebrate Christmas. There are no Christmas trees up, no Christmas music playing in the stores and no little cheap decorations to be had. So I have to get creative. (Keep in mind there are no Michaels down the street! I mean really home made!)

I have decided that we are having a homemade Christmas. We are starting now and going to try and make something every day for the house. My MIL is sending some stockings and I have heard a rumor that they are going to sell real trees in the Commissary parking lot. I have bought I thing of red and green balls and will buy 3 strings of lights. The rest we will make.

Today is paper chain day. I bought a pack of construction paper 1.97 and some glue. I have recruited my BFF's kids to help and vola - Day one down!!!

Tomorrow I think we are going to try and tackle some paper cut snowflakes!

Bring on the Christmas Carols!

What are some creative ideas for a homemade Christmas? Any suggestions?


Loving learning at Home said...

Found your blog on blog frog and now following you. I know you will have an amazing Christmas and pretty memorable with all of the hand made stuff. I'm sure it will quickly become your favorite!.

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