Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who am I?

Yet another blog!!! I think this is starting to be a compulsion for me!!! I have 3 Blogs total - One for my sewing, one for pictures and scrapbooking, and I wanted to start a blog that focused on the other major part of my life, my military life. I am a military wife. I really wanted to start this blog off by telling you about us, and our life. Every story has a beginning, and my story starts in an Army hospital in Germany where I was born, back when the dino's roamed the earth!!! My dad is career Army and my mom was Career Air Force. I have ALWAYS had an ID card. When I got to college, I ran out of money. When I called my dad to ask for more - he laughed and told me to join the Army. He was joking of course, but I took it to heart and dropped the sorority life for the airborne one! I LOVED and still LOVE the Army. I joined the reserves to go to school, and while there met the love of my life - who happened to be Air Force. We got married and I left the Army for good to stay home with our kids. I have been tossed by the fates since then and I love every minute of it!!! So with 3o some odd years of experience dealing with both the Army and the Air Force, I think I want to share! I know nothing about the corporate world. I am clueless about retail and I have no idea what my life would be like if I did not hear the sound of Jet engines every day. I live by ackronoyms. TDY, PCS, BDU, ABU, OHA, COLA - these are the language I speak. I get briefings from my hubby and kids and we talk about OPSEC as we live overseas. We move every 2 years. We hoard undies at the BX when they are in our size and rush the commissary at Christmas to make sure there is enough to bake with. Our NEO kit sits in the corner, ready to be grabbed in a moments notice if we have to be evacuated and every day my children go through gates with armed guards to get to school. We have friends who have died in war, and we all have said goodbye too many times to family and spouses. This is our life and as hard as it is - I would NOT have it any other way. I am a military wife and this is my blog.


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